Suede Footwear for Every Outfit

Suede Footwear for Every Outfit

Suede is a material that’s often misunderstood. People sometimes wonder how to wear suede shoes, worrying that they are difficult to pair with outfits and high maintenance to look after.

But the truth is, you just need to pair them up with the right outfit! Want to know how to wear suede shoes and what you should wear with them? Look no further.

How to Wear Suede Shoes

There’s no wrong way to wear your suede footwear, apart from perhaps on a day where heavy rain or snow are forecast. Other than that, with a decent spray protector your shoes should come through unscathed.

Suede shoes are perfect for when the weather is mild, for instance during the spring or cooler summer months. They bridge the gap between smart and casual beautifully, offering the perfect answer to the conundrum of what to wear on your feet when dress shoes are too over the top, and trainers just won’t do.

The truth is, tactile suede can always add a touch of class to an outfit, however you choose to wear it.

Read on for some top ideas for what to wear with suede shoes.

Men: What to Wear with Suede Shoes

For a spring day with a little nip in the air, choose dark jeans with a shirt and medium-weight V-neck or crew neck jumper. Add suede lace-ups or desert boots in a pale grey, tan or light brown for classic style that will take you through the day into a relaxed evening with friends.

If you’re wondering how to wear suede shoes with smarter trousers, we suggest a dark slip-on or loafer style brown suede shoe. Pair this with lighter coloured chinos or other slim-legged smarter trousers and a fitted shirt with a print of your choice for eye-catching style. You’ll find the soft, textured look of the suede softens the smartness of the trousers, taking the dressiness down a notch while adding a touch of style.

Or pair comfortable jeans or chinos and a cosy fleece with smart suede walking trainers for a day out sightseeing. When you are after a look that is supremely comfortable, but a little less casual than regular trainers, these are just the ticket.

Women: What to Wear with Suede Shoes

Classically stylish, a pair of women’s suede slip-ons or loafers can brilliantly transform an outfit from mundane to extraordinary. Team with smart-casual slim-leg trousers or jeans and your favourite fitted top or jumper for a relaxed yet stylish look befitting a family lunch or other non-formal event. You could even add a touch of diamante for something extra special.

Or take it the other way and smarten up a casual outfit for a trip to the shops or a short wander with friends. Suede lace-ups offer a smarter alternative to the common trainer. Comfortable, practical and perfect to wear with jeans or even fleece jog pants to up the anti on casual style.

We hope we’ve helped you work out how to wear suede shoes so you can dress with confidence whether you’re heading out for a casual afternoon or more formal evening. For more inspiration, browse Cotton Traders’ full range of quality assured suede footwear today.



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