How do I change my billing or shipping address?

To change your billing or shipping address when you are not placing an order, please ensure you are logged in and then click on Account Details which will take you to your Account Overview.

Here you will have the option to add a new shipping address or edit any existing ones by clicking on Edit Addresses. Once you have made the required changes, click on Save Changes

While placing an order you will also have the option to add or amend your address at checkout.

n.b - Please note your billing address will be your default shipping address unless you add a different address and select ship to this address. This will then be made your default shipping address for all future orders unless you change it.

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How do I change my email address or password?

To change your email address, simply log in and click Personal Details, where you’ll find the option to update your email address. Click Save Changes once you’ve entered your new address.
To change your password, log in to your account and click Change Password. Just remember to click Change Password to update it on our systems.

Please note any changes made to your account details will also be reflected in our app if you have that installed on your devices, please remember to use your new details when logging into the app

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How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

To ensure that all of your communication preferences are up to date, please take the following steps...

1. Log in  to your account at the top of the page.

2. Click on Edit Communications Options on the left hand side.

3. Tick or Untick the relevant boxes on the page and click Save Changes

Alternatively, contact us, toll free on 1 855 753 4444 or write to us at following address:

Cotton Traders
Cotton Hub
Merlin Court
Atlantic Street
United Kingdom
WA14 5NL

Due to our long lead times, we are sorry but you may still receive a small number of further mailings while we remove you from the list.


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